Intelligent dog

smart-dogEvery dog lover believes his own dog must be the most intelligent dog ever. But it is the dog’s breed that determines the intelligence of a dog. Intelligent dogs possess characteristics different from rest of the dogs owing to its smartness. Basically the intelligence of a dog is measured from its ability to follow his master’s instructions and commands. It also depends on how easily a dog can be trained and made to learn his lessons. When an intelligent dog confronts an obstacle, it immediately generalizes its knowledge and applies it immediately. However there are many more factors that describe the intelligence of a dog.

An intelligent dog if left at home alone all day becomes destructive. However a less intelligent shows no such sign of destruction or restlessness even if it is left alone for the entire day. Intelligent dog accidentally learn unwanted behaviour. Say, increasing the activities at home or people at home will give an intelligent dog a chance to learn things and at the same time things that may annoy others. Most intelligent dogs are perhaps the most intelligent animals on this planet. Dog intelligence refers to the ability of a dog to think, learn, solve problems and grasping power of what they are taught. But do not be mistaken that a fast learned is the most intelligent dog.

Border collie is considered as the most intelligent dog breed. They possess legendry intelligence and set standards for skills like agility, obedience, sheepdog trials etc. The Poodle is number two. This dog breed is very intelligent and is one of the dogs that can be trained easily. German Shepherds takes third place and are very intelligent, courageous and possess strong protective instinct. Other intelligent dogs are Golden Retriever, Doberman pinscher, Shetland sheepdog, Labrador retriever, The Papillon, Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog.